Ripple XRP Rocket T-Shirt

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Ripple XRP Rocket T-Shirt

XRP HODLers buckle up and prepare for the moon! The Ripple XRP Rocket T-Shirt is the exact piece of crypto merchandise that "When Moon?" tweeters, bloggers, and Facebook commenters need in their wardrobe.

The classic Ripple icon on a flat UI rocket ship gets the point across without any words necessary. Now you can take your "Moon" comments from social media into the streets IRL.

The Ripple XRP Rocket T-Shirt comes in 8 different colors and is available in 8 sizes too, making it perfect for any style or size requirements.

Be the first of your friends to own this awesome piece of understated, stylish crypto merchandise. Now shipping for FREE all over the world, so everyone can enjoy the Ripple XRP Rocket T-Shirt.


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