Ripple XRP Riptilians T-Shirt

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Ripple XRP Riptilians T-Shirt

For all of the reptilian conspiracy theorists out there, this one is for you! Did you know that Ripple is actually run by riptilians that were planted on Earth 100 million years ago with the sole purpose of controlling the planet and making humans their slaves? lol just joking, but some people believe this :/

The Ripple XRP Riptilian T-Shirt is a testament to these folk. The classic Ripple theme on a silky smooth reptile riding deep in a Lambo is about as good as we could get this one (By popular request too, we might add).

The Ripple XRP Riptilian T-Shirt comes in 7 vibrant colors and 8 different sizes so you can be sure to slither your reptilian body inside any size that fits.

Not a believer in this theory? Then get it for your skeptical friends instead! This fun and orginial piece of crypto merchandise artwork is available with FREE Shipping Worldwide, so get it while you can.

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