Ripple XRP Lambo Moon Man T-Shirt

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Ripple XRP Lambo Moon Man T-Shirt

The 'Lambo Moon Man' represents the height of crypto gains and success. With the astronomical gains from Ripple XRP you too could be rolling deep in a Lambo and most likely on the moon. 

A slick original design featuring the iconic moon man posting up his Ripple XRP flag smack bang on the moon alongside a deep blue Lamborghini Galardo, just the way we love it.

The Ripple XRP Lambo Moon Man T-Shirt is available in 7 awesome colors and total of 8 different sizes so you can be sure to find the perfect style and size to suit your needs.

At King Kong Crypto we aim to give you the best deals on the coolest crypto merchandise on the planet hand down! That's why we're also selling this dime piece right here with Free Shipping Worldwide. Enjoy life on the moon people!