Ripple XRP Snoop Dogg 'HODL it like its hot' Hoodie

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Ripple XRP Snoop Dogg 'HODL it like its hot' Hoodie

  • Snoop Dogg and Ripple are closer than you think. The multi-platinum hip-hop artist has been a special guest for Ripples past celebratory crypto themed occasions.
  • Get the XRP Snoop Dogg Ripple HODL it like its hot Hoodie today with Free shipping at King Kong Crypto.
  • As fas crypto merchandise goes, this piece is right up the top of the list. This is available in 5 colors and 8 sizes so you'll never have to worry about finding the perfect style and fit to match your glowing crypto portfolio.
  • Hurry up and get in quick to buy this Ripple themed Snoop Dogg apparel today.



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