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Litecoin Merchandise Now Available

Litecoin was founded by a man named Charlie Lee in October of 2011. Litecoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that enables instant and low cost payments to anyone in the world. offers a wide variety if Litecoin merchandise. This includes Litecoin t-shirts, hoodies, gifts and accessories. Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, is an active member of the Cryptocurrency community and continues to help others understand Litecoins vision

Considered the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, Litecoin is a huge player in the Cryptocurrency market. The truth is that Litecoin can process a block 4 times faster than Bitcoin which allows a faster confirmation time. So we have to give credit where it is due and KKC plans on doing just that with our amazing Litecoin merchandise. Take your time and check out what goodies we have to offer!


Litecoin T-Shirts

The Litecoin t-shirts that we offer at our store are second to none. Original designs that come in sizes from small to 5XL in multiple colors. Buy Litecoin t-shirts at a great price and help us promote this amazing Cryptocurrency. Our collection has so much to choose from and you cannot go wrong with any design. Remember that you can only buy these Litecoin t-shirts from! What makes Litecoin one of our favorite Cryptocurrencies to work with is the Litecoin logo trademark. The logo has a superhero feel to it but is simple which lends itself to some very cool design ideas. For all of you early investors in Litecoin, congratulations, we want you to buy Litecoin t-shirts by the truckload. Some real money was made and with some more publicity more money will be made.

Litecoin Lambo Moon Man T-Shirt

Litecoin RUN LTC T-Shirt

Litecoin Coin T-Shirt

Litecoin Hoodies

Buy a Litecoin hoodie from and you will not be disappointed. We have a great variety of Litecoin hoodies that come in small all the way to 5XL in any color that you could possibly desire. Our designers have worked hard at coming up with new and original ideas that make each of our Litecoin hoodies unique. Do not wait for winter to get one of our hoodies, if you see a design that you love go ahead and purchase it!

As you can see, KingKongCrypto is not here just to sell our merchandise. We are trying our best to promote Litecoin and all of the Cryptocurrencies that we offer in our online store. When you buy a Litecoin hoodie you will be helping us bring some more awareness to Cryptocurrency as a whole in style. All of our Litecoin hoodie designs are created by a KKC designer and you can only find this collection here.

Litecoin HODL Hoodie

Got Litecoin? Hoodie

Litecoin Print Hoodie

Litecoin Gifts & Accessories

You cannot go wrong buying one or two items of our Litecoin products for family and friends who are invested in Litecoin. With fun and creative designs on items such as hats, phone cases, mouse pads and more, we offer some of the coolest Litecoin swag in the marketplace. You can even buy your dog a gift from KingKongCrypto with our Litecoin custom made dog bowl. Where else can you get a Litecoin dog bowl?

Our number one seller of Litecoin merchandise is our Litecoin token. What an amazing gift idea or great souvenir to buy for yourself. The Litecoin token is tangible and a subtle way to represent your enthusiasm for Litecoin. If you have not decided what get, buy a Litecoin coin and you can always flip for it!


Phone Cases

Coffee Mugs

Dog Bowls

Customer Testimonials

I just got my order and I have one word WOW!! The designs are are great, the print is good quality os definitely and worth it.

Raj, Muskoka

Just got to tell you guys how awesome it is you've got LTC merch here, so many other crappy sites out there, you guys really stick out from the crowd.

Jose, London

Super stoked with my hoodie, cheers!

Allen, Minnesotta

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To celebrate the launch of Litecoin Merchandise on King Kong Crypto we are offering a 10% Discount on ALL total orders. Use the code below in the checkout.


Got a Great Idea For a Litecoin Design?

Our team at KingKongCrypto would like to thank all of our customers for taking the time to visit our online store. We hope that you have found everything that you were hoping to find in our Litecoin collection. We also would like all of our customers to feel free to send any design ideas or suggestions for our Crypto products. Your opinion is important to us and would love to interact with you! If there are any Litecoin Bloggers out there we would like to hear from you to! Follow us on all of our social media platforms to see what we will do next!

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